Thursday, February 2, 2017

New design - Cherry Hour-glass Dulcimers

My Dogwood hour-glass, and tear-drop, dulcimers continue to be my main attraction, but my beautiful Cherry models have also become very popular. This post includes a beautiful Cherry/Walnut electric shipped this week, and well received by it's new owner.

Now available in MY ETSY SHOP.

What makes this dulcimer "special" are the new sound-hole designs requested by the buyer. He asked for f-notes for the upper sound-holes, but wanted a mountain scene for the lower holes. While a mountain scene sounds easy enough, the actual design took some work. I give credit to my wife for her ideas, and final approval. What better way to accent a mountain dulcimer than to include a mountain scene for the sound-holes. - VIDEO -

The new "Mountain Scene" sound-hole design really adds to the Mountain Dulcimer look.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Beautiful Curly Maple - Dulcimers

Working with wood is very interesting, not only for the many things it allows you to build, but also for the many forms there are to be found in the wood itself. One that stands out is Curly Maple. The wood is magical. It has unmatched depth, and a regular pattern that resembles water rippling on a beach.

I've recently had a number of orders for Curly Maple sound-boards, tear-drop and hour-glass. And, just by luck, managed to find a nice supply ready to work.  - Curly Maple Listing - VIDEO -

I take pride in each instrument I build, and use the features of the wood to add beauty and enhance performance. The sound-board, back, and sound-holes all offer design opportunities.


I also found a nice supply of "spalted" Maple to supplement the Curly Maple. Visit MY ETSY SHOP to learn more about getting your very own Maple Dulcimer:

Saturday, December 10, 2016

American Poplar - a New Addition!

I've used Dogwood, Walnut, Chestnut, Cherry, Red Cedar, Western Cedar, Curly Maple, Spruce, Mahogany, and Hickory over the years to build my dulcimers, and have now added another with which I was very impressed...Poplar. See Listing.

I've used Poplar to build my Tennessee Music Boxes, but never an hour-glass or Tear-drop. Thanks to a recent order, I have now added a Walnut/Poplar Tear-drop.

This beautiful 3-string Walnut over Poplar Tear-drop has a great sound. I know I'll be making more of these in the days to come. I can also make it "all poplar" with poplar sound-board and body. Walnut will still be used for the head, foot, and fret-board because of it's density.

Ask about the large variety of sound-holes available.

Beautiful American Poplar body.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Dogwood Tear-drop Electric


What else can I say...I love the looks, the sound, and the electric. Just finished this one October 13, 2016, and ready to start another.

The best thing is, I just started my latest find of dogwood, and it's really pretty.
Here's a video clip of the Dogwood Electric.

For more details, or to place an order, visit My ETSY SHOP.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Busy Building...Dulcimers!

I haven't entered a post to this blog for three months, but I have been busy. Busy building dulcimers, that is. The custom orders I've received over the past six-months have been fun, including a couple new models introduced during that period of time.

Here is a sample of the instruments I've built and delivered recently. Listings for each can be found in MY ETSY SHOP. Also, click on each image for it's associated listing.

The sound-boards vary from Eastern Red Cedar to Western Cedar to Black Cherry to American Chestnut to Dogwood. They also include a variety of sound-holes including some custom designed. All have walnut bodies and fret-boards:

Red Cedar hour-glass with Dogwood Blossoms & Butterflies
Red Cedar Tear-drop with Weeping Hearts
Red Cedar hour-glass with Scottish Thistles

Western Cedar hour-glass with Holes and f-notes
Red Cedar hour-glass with Scottish Thistles
Red Cedar hour-glass with Hummingbirds
100% Cherry hour-glass
Cherry hour-glass with black ebony finger-board

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Dulcimer Design Variety

Dulcimers are such unique instruments, their design possibilities seem endless. As a builder, I've also learned never to say never.

That's exactly what happened on my latest design release, a Dogwood hour-glass with black "sta-tite" friction-peg tuners. I've done friction-peg tuners in the past and, quite honestly, was not impressed. But, it's a matter of practice. If installed properly, they not only add that "traditional" look, but they are very reliable.

Dogwood142 with friction-peg tuners and weeping heart sound-holes: (Order Details)

Beautiful spalted dogwood with friction-peg tuners, weeping heart sound-holes, and black walnut body and fret-board.

Friday, April 29, 2016

My best Dulcimer yet?

Could this be my best build yet? It definitely had the most custom design features, and looks and sounds GREAT! Beautiful Black Cherry over Walnut, with Black Ebony finger-board.. VIDEO

It is a standard 4-string hourglass, but loaded with the following custom design features:

  • Higher sides, 2 1/2" vs. standard 2"
  • 4-band on-board electric, with LCD tuner
  • black closed-face geared sta-tite tuners
  • added 1 1/2 fret
  • four-string equidistant string alignment (nut and bridge can also accommodate standard alignment)
  • black ebony finger-board with mother-of-pearl fret placement markers
This dulcimer design is now available in My ETSY Shop. Check out all the other additional features and Accessories.

Book-matched Cherry Sound-board, and walnut back, Sta-tite, closed-face tuning machines, and Belcat 4-band pre-amp with piezo pickup.